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Kosher Supervision of America is a not-for-profit Kashrus certification agency recognized by rabbinical associations throughout the world. KSA is the largest, recognized and accepted, kosher certification agency based in the western United States. We enjoy the support and cooperation of thousands of synagogues and rabbis representing hundreds of thousands of kosher consumers.

Servicing hotel chains, supermarket chains, food manufacturers, food packers & distributors, restaurants, caterers, independent grocers and bakeries, the KSA symbol can be found on grocery store shelves across the nation and around the world.


See’s Candies was notified of a class action lawsuit filed by one of its customers on February 9th, 2016, regarding the mislabeling of Valentine Hearts as being KSA kosher certified.  Our investigation into the allegations revealed See’s retail shops contained price cards on our shelving fixtures containing the price for three Valentine heart boxes, but also included a printing error with the KSA symbol shown on the price cards.   The heart boxes  did not show the KSA symbol as the product itself is not kosher and have always been properly labeled.  These price cards were replaced immediately this morning in all shops, removing the KSA symbol.  No changes were necessary to the heart boxes themselves.

See’s Candies is certified for several kosher products by KSA and has always treated its certification of our products with great respect, and assures its production facilities meet KSA standards to achieve the certification.  We have notified KSA of the error so they may communicate to their followers and advise that steps have been taken to replace the erroneous price cards.

We apologize to any customer who purchased any of the three heart boxes believing the product to be kosher, and the product can be returned to us for a full refund.  The allegation in the suit that See’s charges a higher price for kosher certified product is false, and the price shown for each of these boxes is identical to heart boxes of similar weight and box type.  See’s carries fourteen different Valentine heart boxes, and the error on the price cards was limited to the one quarter pound, one half pound, and one pound Assorted Chocolates Valentine heart price cards.

Customers may contact See’s Customer Service at 1-800-789-7337.

Kosher Supervision of America is very proud to be on the list of reliable and recognized organizations. A most honorable and prestigious distinction.

The KSA symbol is a firm guarantee to all consumers that the products bearing the symbol are in full compliance with the most demanding of kosher standards. You can be sure that your products will be marketable, enjoying the same status, recognition and acceptance, as any other reliably certified kosher product.

More importantly, KSA does not only certify products, we build relationships too! It is with our excellent customer service, as well as our flexible fee structure, that we have created such a remarkable niche in this industry.


World-Wide Sales of Kosher Soar by 15% in 2015, Experts Say

London – 2015 was a good year for kosher worldwide despite a volatile political climate and even declining numbers in some countries. US sources with contacts in Canada, Israel, Europe, Australia, South America and South Africa say that sales of kosher foods rose by at least 15% in 2015, a far cry from what they believe were flat sales in 2014. Even in France where some 16,000 French Jews have left for Israel in the past two years and terrorism shook the core of the community, sales of Israeli imported foods increased by some 10% as it did in the UK, Holland, and Belgium, the sources told Kosher Today. Israel’s mehadrin and glatt kosher sales is estimated to have grown by nearly 20% largely due to the booming charedi population. This was also the case in many communities in the US with thriving Orthodox Jewish populations. Kosher food continues to be center stage at major international food shows despite the nagging BDS attempts to delegitimize some Israeli manufactured foods. Growth trends, say the experts, are also very much apparent in cities like Johannesburg, Melbourne, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

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  • Company: Sea Crunchy
    Issues: The symbol found on these products are not ours and we do not certify any of the products carrying the symbol.

  • Company: Vitrely Wave
    Issues: Bears an unauthorized KSA symbol

  • Company: J.A.B. Foods/Jecky''s Best, Inc.
    Issues: Bears an unauthorized KSA symbol



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