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Kosher Supervision of America is a not-for-profit Kashrus certification agency recognized by rabbinical associations throughout the world. KSA is the largest, recognized and accepted, Orthodox kosher certification agency based in the western United States. We enjoy the support and cooperation of thousands of synagogues and rabbis representing hundreds of thousands of kosher consumers.

Servicing hotel chains, supermarket chains, food manufacturers, food packers & distributors, restaurants, caterers, independent grocers and bakeries, the KSA symbol can be found on grocery store shelves across the nation and around the world.


Kosher Supervision of America is very proud to be on the list of reliable and recognized organizations. A most honorable and prestigious distinction.

The KSA symbol is a firm guarantee to all consumers that the products bearing the symbol are in full compliance with the most demanding of kosher standards. You can be sure that your products will be marketable, enjoying the same status, recognition and acceptance, as any other reliably certified kosher product.

More importantly, KSA does not only certify products, we build relationships too! It is with our excellent customer service, as well as our flexible fee structure, that we have created such a remarkable niche in this industry.


Kosher Food Industry Heats up for the Summer but Sales Stay Same

The charcoal bags have been moved to the front of the store at Pomegranate as they are in many supermarkets throughout the nation to prepare for the Barbecue season. In the refrigerator case, there are many brands of hotdogs, sliders, burgers, and other barbecue foods as there are more hamburger and frankfurter rolls in the bakery section and elsewhere throughout the store. Summer 2015 is here and the kosher world is once again accommodating the summer realities of travel, the Catskills, the Three Weeks (with its Nine Days of dairy), camping and even stepped up international travel.  The major supermarkets like Shoprite and discount chains like Walmart in the Catskills are doing their share of catering to an estimated 300,000 vacationers in the Catskills. One distributor called the summer “a repositioning of the kosher map,” meaning that sales may not in the end change. Some categories, say distributors and manufacturers actually increase over the summer. There may be more yogurts and hot dogs sold overall but then other items like tins and tissues are sold less in city supermarkets. Some manufacturers say that the summer is a good time to brand foods and not just ice cream.


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